Sorceress - Lightning - Godly - GEAR PACK Softcore Resurrected Ladder

Item num.: d2rsclkits20

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    Helm: Griffons Eye 15-19% ELR/15% LSD
    Armor: Chains of Honor Archon Plate
    Weapon: Eschutas Temper +3 Skills +20% Lightning Damage + Hoto 40
    Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope 30 All Resistance
    Shield: Spirit Monarch 35% FCR
    Belt: Arachnid Mesh 120% ED
    Gloves: Magefist 30ED
    Boots: Sandstorm Trek Str / 15 Vita
    Rings: 2x Stone of Jordan

    Weapon2: Call to Arms 6 BO
    Shield2: Spirit Monarch

    Sorceress Torch 17-19/17-19
    Annihilus Random
    9x Light Skill GC
    10x Small charms +20 to life

    Wepon: Eth Infinity  Cryptic Axe / Colossus Voulge
    Armor: Fortitude Eth 2000+ Defense
    Helm: Andariel Visage

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