Paladin - Smiter PVP - High - GEAR PACK Softcore Resurrected Ladder

Item num.: d2rsclkitp9

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    Helm: Crown of Ages - 2 Sockets
    Armor: Enigma Mage Plate 750-769+ Defense
    Belt: Verdungo’s Hearty Cord 15% DR
    Gloves: Dracul’s Grasp 10% ll
    Boots: Gore Rider 180-199 Enhanced Defense
    Weapon: Grief Phase Blade – 30-34% IAS & 340-399 Damage
    Shield: Exile Ethereal Sacred Targe Or Sacred Rondache 30-40 All Resistance
    Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope 25-29 All Resist
    Rings: 2x Raven Frost +20 To Dexteriry & +230-249 To Attack Rating
    Weapon2: Call To Arms +4 BO
    Shield2: Spirit Monarch or in Paladin Shield

    1x Paladin Torch 10-16/10-16
    6x Paladin Combat Skillers
    6x Small Charms 20 To Life


    Weapon: Insight Ethereal Cryptic Axe or Colossus Voulge
    Armor: Fortitude Ethereal Eth 2000 Defense
    Helm: Andariel's Visage

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